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We like to explore and find new special places in our region. Tyrol is wild. We found some pretty good spots to have a nice sundowner at the end of an adventurous day. Sipping on an ice cold local beer or trying out a Tyrolean Gin while watching the sun go down behind our beautiful mountains is a must.


Below a well known mountain pass nestled in the forest lies the idyllic Blindsee with turquoise water. With  perfect little coves this is an ideal place for an alpine sundowner. Our favourite spot is a place called "pic nic island" which gets a lot of those last rays of sun. We provide everything you need in our Tirolerhof sundowner basket, tasty, local and good. 

Another cool spot that we recommend is an area call Ponöfen, which has a real wilderness factor and an amazing round view of the Zugpspitze. This mountain is iconic, and a bit like the Eiffel Tower in Paris , it is really special if you find a secret spot to view it from.

If you would like to stay really close to home, take a stroll up the meadows behind our hotel. Only a few minutes walk away you will find a small hut with a great view across our valley.  Whatever your favorite sundowner tipple we will pack you a sundowner set ....

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