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When the sun sets we put on our skis and conquer the slopes.  Few places in the world offer the backcountry like we have in Tirol. Setting off directly from the hotel. With a head torch we explore the winter forests, enjoy the calm of the night and inhale the fresh alpine air that revives all senes.

Ski mountaineering is a fascinating winter sport that dates back to the early days of skiing and is becoming more and more popular these days.  You can immerse yourself in the amazing winter landscapes,  off the beaten tracks.  You are totally flexible at your own pace and not tied to the lift schedule. Our region offers numerous easy tours for beginners as well as more challenging routes that you can explore with a ski guide. 

The type of ski used is a little shorter allowing for more flexibility, although it can be a bit tricky at the beginning, you soon get the hang of walking up. You dont have to be an excellent skier to try it out and you can rent the entire gear here in the village.

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